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Foody is a leading Saudi platform with futuristic vision and innovative options for displaying and ordering meals and following up on the delivery of orders with modern technologies.

 Foody works to support producing families, on the one hand, by marketing their products in a way that enables them to reach the largest possible segment of customers in their cities.

 On the other hand, Foody provides its customers with the widest choices in local and international home cooking and the best healthy meals that are distinguished with just a few clicks of its device.

 The Food platform allows the customer to browse the menus of the different meals presented from the families according to the method chosen by the customer, such as distance, evaluation, minimum order and other options aimed at the convenience of the customer.

 Foody also provides many advantages to the customer, such as the ability to record an unlimited number of addresses, and the advantage of evaluating the meal and the family, as well as delivery and the special requests feature for parties and weddings and the options that they provide .. and others, which gives a special comfort to the customer on the platform.

 The Foody platform provides customers with different options for electronic payment, from the wallet or in cashyupon receipt of the request, and enables them to follow the delivery stages through free tracking services and FOODY services available to everyone in all modern methods available from devices, laptops, iPhones, Android or iPad, and include innovative and interconnected platforms for each of  The client and the family allow each of them to manage their account easily and professionally.

 FOODY is a young company founded in 2019 by leading Saudi experiences in the field of business. FOODY is a future vision in the field of evolving food ordering online to provide innovative options for the Saudi market.

 FOODY hopes to become the leading company in its field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf by the year 2022 and then open up to the global market and compete with the largest international companies with Saudi ideas and hands.